Copernicus hackathon


27-29 September 2019



Brno – Technická 23

Copernicus hackathon:

technology competition connecting coding and earth observation data from Copernicus system with business ideas.

For almost 48 hours...

teams come together to work on challenges with the goal to imagine and design innovative services and products that find every day uses for EO data.


composed of 2-5 multidisciplinary participants will try to create a prototype with business potential that can be pitched in 7 minutes.

Copernicus hackathon is free of charge!



For winners of Copernicus Hackathon Brno

Money prize: €3000

One seat in the Copernicus Accelerator (a one-year coaching scheme) 

For winners of the challenges prizes by:

World from Space



One year access to Sentinel Hub

(woth €1.000)

Flight tickets worth €1.000

3x Google Home mini , 5x Rapsberry Pi, voucher for electronics – €600


Business Support

Hands On


International Networking

Inspirational working environment


For anyone interested in Earth Observation, there is a Space Beer: Copernicus Edition event planned for 3rd of September!

More info can be found at: Facebook event


Earth Observation

Challenge by World from Space

This is an open challenge, so you can come with any idea from the field of Earth Observation. We really want you to have as much freedom as possible!

Improving tourism

Challenge by Kiwi.com

In this challenge, you will get travel and tourism datasets from Kiwi.com and you should combine them with Earth Observation data to create something new!

Integration of data

Challenge by Czechitas

Czechitas are mentoring this challenge as a way to show the need for integrating different data sources into one stream: you should come up with an architecture and prototype showing the combination of Earth Observation with given datasets.

All of these categories will have their presentations with an explanation of given datasets at the hackathon itself. 

There is no need to prepare before the hackathon. Just prepare your brains. 


Petr Kapoun

Petr is an enthusiast to technologies, start-ups and with a vision of changing today´s society at least a little bit (to it´s better). Throughout the years he was at the establishing of dozens of companies.

To this day he is in startu-up environment. He established Cape Free company, which supports and invests to newly born companies. He spreads education about finance, building start-ups, investments and mainly space activities in the Czech Republic.

In 2014 he co-established space start-up S.A.B. Aerospace, which is engaged in development of space technologies. Last but not least, he initiates opening the technological centre Tech Nest, where will be developed a teleport in the future.

Tomáš Ridoško

Space has always been a big passion for Tomáš so when the Czech Republic entered ESA, he grabbed the opportunity and got his dream job in SAB Aerospace in Brno.

He works as a structural analyst and the company instructor. In cooperation with JCMM he supported several space-related student works. 

Working with young people is his hobby – just as good films, books, and games.

Bara Buhnova

Bara Buhnova is an Associate Professor at Masaryk University (MU), Faculty of Informatics, and a deputy chair of the Department of Computer Systems and Communications.

She received her Ph.D. degree in computer science in 2008 for application of formal methods in software architecture design. Now she leads multiple research teams, and she is the Steering Committee chair of the ICSA conference, and acts as a reviewer and editor in multiple scientific journals.

Next to her academic activities (e.g. involvement in academic senate), she is the chair of the Association of Industrial Partners of Masaryk University, Faculty of Informatics (with 30 companies), and is part of the strategic team running the Czechitas non-profit organisation aiming at making IT skills more accessible to youth and women of any age (reaching to 10,000+ graduates).

Roman Bohovic

Roman is earth observation expert. He has worked in research and has experience in land surface phenology, vegetation indices and drought impact. Roman founded World from Space start-up and won several space hackathons.

Schedule and sleeping info

Sleeping: Starting Friday midnight, there will be the possibility of sleeping in a special room dedicated just for sleeping – but participants should ring their own sleeping bags and mattresses. We highly recommend having a hostel/friend in Brno where you can rest tho!

Shower: Shower will be available during all of the event.

27th September

15:00 – Participants registration

16:00 – Welcome by organisers

16:30 – Challenges introduction

18:00 – Hacking time

18:00 – Optional workshops to help you tackle the technology and challenges

00:00 – Midnight refresh

28th September

08:00 – Breakfast

09:00 – Optional business workshop

12:00 – Lunch

18:00 – Dinner

29th September

08:00 – Breakfast

09:00 – Optional presentation skills workshop

12:00 – Lunch

14:00 – End of hacking

15:00 – Presentation for the jury

16:30 – Award ceremony

Designation of Winners:

Each team will present its project to a jury during a 7-minute presentation which will take place at the end of the competition.  The solutions presented will be evaluated based on the following evaluation criteria:

  • Relevance to the hackathon topic (25%)
  • Innovation and originality of the project, value for the users, technical feasibility (50%)
  • Quality of the team – technical and business expertise, understanding of the thematic area, commitment to the project (25%)
  • Use of the earth observation data (elimination criterion)

Meeting the criteria will be evaluated by a jury consisting of representatives from the interested partners, investors, technologic experts, business experts and innovation infrastructure.

A programme of:

Implemented by:

Organised by:

Main partners:




Václav Havlíček

Email: vhavlicek@sabaerospace.cz

Phone: +420  607 156 785