9-11 November 2018

Open house at the Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences

You can visit the Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences from Friday, 9 November, to Sunday, 11 November. An educational tour of three institutes is being prepared together with lectures and an evening programme including observation of the night sky. 


The programme is appropriate for everyone, including families with children. 

12-15 November 2018

Workshops of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Space research, Earth observation and technological innovation with ESA; presentation of Czech participation in ESA science and technology projects; ESA opportunities for young researchers and students; perspectives and discussion on further collaboration with ESA

Registration deadline: 1 November

Sending of abstract: 7 October

12 November 2018

EBP End-of-Year Conference

The annual end-of-year conference of ESA BIC Prague. We will present new start-ups selected for incubation and welcome to the stage interesting guests from the Czech Republic and abroad. The event will kick off Czech Space Week packed with workshops, conferences, seminars and more.

Entry by invitation only.

13 November 2018

Conference on the tenth anniversary of the Czech Republic’s membership in ESA

In connection with Czech Space Week, a conference will be held summarising the Czech Republic’s first ten years as a member of ESA and featuring presentations and an evaluation of the country’s participation in space projects, as well as a presentation of successful technologies and participation in missions in which it would have been difficult for Czech firms and scientists to take part without involvement in ESA. Johann Woerner, director general of ESA, has pledged to attend the conference. 

14 November 2018

Industry Day in Brno

A day packed with new industrial technologies from leading firms and institutions in the Czech space sector. This will be the first time ever that this trade fair is held in the Czech Republic. The event will include the broadest range of seminars and workshops, a B2B zone and more. The purpose of Industry Day is not only to bring space firms together, but also to inspire other sectors to get involved in space activities. The day will culminate with a “motivational conference”. 

15 November 2018

JIC 120''

JIC 120´´ is effective networking bringing together farmers, innovative companies, research institutes, corporates as well as SMEs interested in the field of high-tech agriculture. During the event, emerging trends in Smart Agritech will be presented by analyst from Frost&Sullivan and by Martin Trtilek from PSI (high-tech Czech SME). JIC 120´´ will provide you with useful contacts, recent trends and technologies and new cooperation possibilities.

16 November 2018


The film documents the training of astronauts and the technique needed to stay in the orbit around the Earth. It deals with the effects of the extreme conditions of the universe on the human body and the technologies that allow astronauts to survive in free space.

Projection time: 4 – 5 PM

Price: free of charge after registration

16 November 2018

Space Night: Film First Man + discussion

One of the greatest adventures in human history. Fifty years later, a new film about it is in cinemas. The dramatic story of Neil Armstrong’s flight to the Moon is told by Oscar-winning director Damien Chazelle and stars Ryan Gosling as Armstrong. 

The film will be followed by a discussion with specialists in contemporary (and past) astronautics.

17 November 2018

What is it like to live in orbit?

Have you ever tried to heat up a hot dog in zero gravity? How can you wash your hair in a weightless environment and what do we do when we need to use the toilet? How and where do astronauts sleep. Zero gravity offers more than humorous and sometimes unexpected situations in everyday activities. People on the International Space Station examine the influence of microgravity on living organisms and are themselves test subjects of medical research on the unfavourable effects of weightlessness on the human body. 

18 November 2018

Concert of sci-fi film music

This concert concluding Czech Space Week will take place on Sunday, 18 November, in Martinů Hall at the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing arts. The themes of space, science fiction and everything connected with it are very close to our ensemble. Therefore, the programme will feature everything that a true fan could wish for! You definitely do not want to miss this concert. The hall has limited seating capacity.