7th Copernicus User Forum 2018

Datum: 8. 6. 2018

Čas: 10:00-16:00

Místo konání: European GNSS Agency (GSA), Janovského 438/2, 170 00 Praha 7 - Holešovice

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About the conference:

7th Copernicus User forum is the two-day conference held from 7 to 8 June at the European GNSS Agency. The conference is organized by the National Secretariat GEO / Copernicus, to which ESA BIC Prague is a core member and is responsible for the second day of the conference.

The theme of this year’s In-situ Data in Earth Observation and 2nd day is specifically focused on support of the use of Copernicus data in the business sector. The aim of the conference is to show good examples of data usage, inspire, motivate, and above all to help expand the use of Copernicus data in business.


What will you learn about?

  • EO community in Czech Republic
  • Successful business cases and hottest EO based applications and services in Europe and Czech Republic
  • Introduction of new technologies within GNSS, big data, AI, blockchain etc.
  • Upcoming possibilities and benefits of using EO in various application areas
  • How to use Copernicus data and where to find them


 Target group:

  • beginners and existing entrepreneurs with the potential to use EO data
  • capacity builders – public administration, technology transfer, incubators, investors




BLOCK I – Copernicus business opportunities

  • Copernicus and business opportunities- keynote speech by Copernicus Support Office
  • How to start a business in space: ESA BIC Prague, Astropreneurs, Copernicus Incubation programme
  • Financial support opportunities: H2020 Space and Opportunities to develop EO applications in ESA programmes
  • Copernicus Masters and successful projects
  • Educational activities and technology competitions opportunities: EO Masters, Czech EO hackathons, FabSpace etc.
  • Investors perspective


BLOCK II – New trends in EO

  • Blockchain and Earth observation application – IBM
  • PowerAI and Earth observation data processing – IBM
  • Cloud services – T-Systems
  • CESNET infrastructure in Copernicus – CESNET


BLOCK III – Copernicus Inspirational Zone

  • From science to business  successful companies using EO data and applications for the common user: Windy.com, MapTiler & OpenMapTiles, SpaceKnow, CleverFarms, GeoApplications
  • Quo vadis Earth observation? + Final remarks


Copernicus User Forum 2018 – 8th of June 2018:




Copernicus User Forum 2018 – 7th of June 2018: