Space for Women

Datum: 15. 11. 2018

Čas: 08:30 - 11:00

Místo konání: S.A.B. Aerospace, Podnikatelská 2902/4, Brno-Královo Pole

Czech Space Week | panelová diskuze

Have you ever thought of working in the space area? Are you wondering about the secrets of the night sky but not sure how to approach it? Join us for an informal breakfast with the women who have found their way to the stars and let them inspire you by their stories from the field of science, psychology or law. This is Space for Women!


Tina Büchner da Costa

Markéta Čápová

Tina, an employee of ArianeGroup, is convinced that there is some rocket fuel running through her veins. Her fascination for aerospace topics started when she was a kid and kept growing ever since. She looks back on 15 years of professional experience in the space sector, working on the Automated Transfer Vehicle, Ariane 5 and Ariane 6, as a system engineer, project manager and head of department. She joined the International Space University in Australia and the European Space Agency in the Netherlands. She met several astronauts, saw breath-taking rocket launches and recently participated in an astronaut selection herself. Tina holds a master in aerospace engineering and a master of science in business psychology. 

Markéta is a Contract Specialist for the Procurement Department at the European Space Agency in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. Marketa joined ESA by pure coincidence (as she calls it) in 2013 and supported numerous of Agency’s projects since then. Her biggest latest professional achievement is opening ESA Business Incubators in Hungary, Norway and expansion of ESA Business Incubation in Brno. Marketa’s next destination is Honeywell Aerospace in Prague, where she commenced her new challenge working as a Contract manager this November.

Ariane Wyen

Lucie Davidová

At the age of 10, Ariane saw the lift-off of Ariane 5 for the first time on TV. Since then, all she wanted was to become a rocket scientist or an astronaut. She studied aerospace engineering at the University of Stuttgart in Germany and majored in the fields of space systems and mechanics. She also participated in the master program at the University of Kansas in the USA. After graduation in 2012, Ariane started her space career at OHB System AG in Bremen, as a Structural System Engineer for the project SARah, a German radar satellite constellation system. She was responsible for the verification of the structure of the satellites. Soon, Ariane will be working as one of the Managing Directors of OHB Czechspace s.r.o. in Brno, and she is excited to be in the country that sent the first European astronaut into space 🙂

As a high school student Lucie won an Expedition Mars competition. Organising several rounds of the contest herself inspired her to think about the psychological aspects of the missions. In the first year of the psychology studies she carried out her first research. Thanks to the grant from ESA, she could present the her work at the International Astronautical Congress in Mexico. Lucie participated in several projects simulating the missions to the Moon and Mars which enabled her not only to collect data for her research but also to try the role of Mission Psychologist and of a Capcom in the mission control centre.  Lucie works on her diploma thesis about the psychosocial development of the relations among astronauts during space missions.

Barbora Bühnová

Kateřina Střelcová

Bára is an Associate Professor at Masaryk University, Faculty of Informatics in Brno, acting in the management of the Association of Industrial Partners of FI MU, being deputy chair of the Department of Computer Systems and Communications at FI MU, leading multiple research teams at both FI MU (software architecture, smart cities) and the Institute of Computer Science of MU (big data analytics), serving in the Academic Senate, Disciplinary Committee, organizing leading conferences around the globe, and still spending much of her time outside the university. She enjoys breaking stereotypes, especially when it comes to girls in tech, which is why she is in the management of the Czechitas non-profit organization.

Kateřina is a Market Development Innovation Officer at the European GNSS Agency. She works on fostering implementation of the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Galileo and EGNOS, in aviation. Part of her job is also development of new applications and management of R&D aviation projects in space segment. She obtained Master of Civil Engineering at University of Texas and Masters in Air Traffic Management and Control and Logistics and Transportation at the Czech Technical University in Prague. She worked for GE Aviation where she was coordinating among others CSR activity GE Aviation Czech Women Network sub-hub. Kateřina is enthusiastic about new technologies, aviation and innovation.


8:00–8:30     Registration

8:30–8:35     Opening (Tereza Kubicová, CzechInvest) 

8:35–8:40     Welcome from S.A.B. Aerospace (Petr Kapoun)

8:40–9:00     „Lesson Learnt“ (Markéta Čápová, ESA/Honeywell)

9:00–9:20     „My Space Journey“ (Arianne Wyen, OHB)

9:20–9:40     „Failure Is Not an Option“ (Lucie Davidová, student)

9:40–10:00   „It’s Just Rocket Science“ 
(Tina Büchner da Costa, ArianeGroup)

10:00–10:40  Panel discussion and space for questions

10:40–11:00  „Fasten your seatbelts women, the next
                         destination is the GSA“
                         (Kateřina Střelcová, GNSS Agency)

11:00–11:20  „Tech for Girls – Girls for Tech“ 
                         (Bára Bühnová, Czechitas)

11:30–12:00  Networking / visiting premises
                         of S.A.B. Aerospace