Mentors – Space Application Hackathon

  • Tomáš Lukeš
  • Jan Zikeš

  • Tomáš Pour

  • Jáchym Čepický

  • Nikola Jajcay

  • Jakub Kožíšek

  • Matěj Laitl

  • Daniel Štefl

  • Tomáš Duša
  • Jacopo Ovarelli

  • Jakub Kapuš

  • Jakub Karas
  • Filip Snášel
  • Petr Kapoun
  • Tomáš Ridoška
  • Vladimír Dániel
  • Jakub Kapuš

  • Luděk Khür

  • Jan Orava

  • Jakub Karas

  • Pavol Dobiáš

  • Daniel Štefl

  • David Enc
  • Antonio Nasuto

  • William Carbone

  • Denisa Kera


  • David Enc
  • David Kovalský

  • Luděk Khür

  • Miloš Lokajíček

  • Petr Mandík

  • Pavel Bartoš

  • Marek Aldorf

  • Jana Šmotková
  • Michal Kuneš

  • Filip Snášel
  • Tomáš Slavkovský
  • Angelika Dudová

  • Petr Mandík

  • Kristina Svobodová

  • Pavel Bartoš

  • Nikola Jajcay

  • Jakub Kožíšek

  • Jana Šmotková
  • Lucie Remešová

  • Angelika Dudová
  • Tereza Kubicová
  • Zuzana Bláhová
  • Berenika Bořecká
  • Zuzana Zemánková
  • Karolína Vorlická


David Enc

#Blockchain #DesignThinking #Business

David is dreamer who loves to peer over horizon, visualize it in detail what the future might hold, and this detailed picture keeps pulling me forward, into tomorrow. In a third decade of working with and helping people to grow, be successful and happy. His focus is on the intersection between people and technology to create innovative solutions that generates new sustainable businesses.

Tomáš Duša

#GNSS #BusinessModels

Tomas has been involved in the space technology domain for more than 8 years, focused primarily on GNSS. His Ph.D. research was focused on GNSS RFI detection and mitigation. Now working for GNSS Centre of Excellence, beforehand for Astrium CZ.

Filip Snášel

#SpaceTech #Marketing&PR

Filip is Marketing & PR Manager at Fujitsu. Started as a journalist in Týden magazine. As a foreign desk journalist, he told stories from worlds thousands miles away. He loves new technologies and in Fujitsu he has direct line to vast pool of innovative Japanese ideas.

Tomáš Lukeš



Tomas is Senior Data Scientist at Spaceknow. Expertise in image processing and advanced imaging systems. Formerly Computer Vision Scientist at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. PhD in Computer Science. Publications in top ranked scientific journals, co-inventor of an international patent.

Jacopo Ovarelli

#GNSS #Business #IoT

Jacopo is a business consultant in the satellite navigation field. As a contractor for the European GNSS Agency (GSA) is involved since 2014 in the market adoption of Galileo in the mass market domain, including Location based services and IoT.

Jakub Kapuš

#CubeSats#Nanosatellites #SpaceTech #Navigation

Jakub is one of the founders of Slovak Organisation for Space Activities (SOSA) which he led for 5 years as a chairman. Jakub is leader of the 1. slovak satellite project skCUBE project, which was launched into space in 2017. Currently he works on development of international cooperation and projects under SOSA. His goals are also to start up space spin-off companies in Slovakia. He established Spacemanic, s.r.o. company focusing on nanosatellite technologies. Represents Slovakia in ESA Programme Board for navigation and also in Scientific-Technical subcomittee of COPUOS.

Jan Zikeš

#MachineLearning#EO #Python #DeepLearning

Jan is Machine Learning Engineer at SpaceKnow, focussing on leveraging latest Deep Learning research on satellite imagery. He has expertise in Deep Learning for semantic segmentation, object detection or instance segmentation. He has deep knowledge in Python and Deep Learning libraries such as Tensorflow or Keras.

Petr Kapoun



Petr is an enthusiast to technologies, start-ups and with a vision of changing today´s society at least a little bit (to it´s better). Throughout the years he was at the establishing of dozens of companies.

To this day he is in startu-up environment. He established Cape Free company, which supports and invests to newly born companies. He spreads education about finance, building start-ups, investments and mainly space activities in the Czech Republic.

In 2014 he co-established space start-up S.A.B. Aerospace, which is engaged in development of space technologies. Last but not least he initiates opening of technological centre Tech Nest, where will be developed a teleport in the future.

Tomáš Pour

#EO#RemoteSensing #Airborne #UAV

Tomáš is a PhD student at PU in Olomouc at the Department of Geoinformatics. He focuses mainly on analysis of remote sensing and Earth observation data from different sensors and carriers. His main topic involves airborne and UAV thermography.

Luděk Kühr

#Drones#BusinessModels #SpaceTech

Ludek co-founded a private company advising Czech and Central-European private companies in the national and regional funding schemes and managing development projects. Ludek also works as manager of research projects and studies at BizGarden.

Antonio Nasuto


Antonio is a Director Commercial Sales, Central and Eastern Europe at IBM and has successfully transformed businesses and led them to growth, always leading with passion, integrity and from the front. He is an excellent negotiator who leverages data and facts as well as his experience and intuition to make sound business judgements. 

Antonio genuinely enjoys developing talents and he freely shares his experiences and best practices to help others be successful.

Jan Orava

#Drones#SpaceTech #Business

Jan is father, biker, drummer, beer lover and eternal startuper. He is one of the founding members of the coworking space KoPlac in Brno, where he and his colleagues support startups and young entrepreneurs. BizGarden is a research organization specialized in space downstream sector. We are ESA contractors and we currently work on two projects developing drone platform for use in the tourism, agent detection and area monitoring. He will be glad to discuss your business idea, marketing plan and possible funding of the project.

David Kovalský

#Business #FinTech

David has been an Entrepreneur, then a leader with global impact in a corporation only to turn again into a FinTech startupist. After a successful exit he works with startup Founders and company CEOs to help them identify what it takes to get to the next level. He is often called for as an advisor for accelerators and startup programs within CEE region. He has a regular seat on startup juries and advisory boards. But in heart he is still an Entrepreneur who owns and co-owns companies in tech. 

Jáchym Čepický

#EO #Python #GIS

Jáchym dealt with the development of GRASS GIS, then he started to hack in Python. He contributes to the OpenLayers library and he collaborates on a variety of web applications, such as the National Geoportal INSPIRE or Geosense. He is the initiator and originator of the PyWPS project. He runs GeoPython programming training, supports GRASS GIS training and web mapping technologies. He is a founding member of the Open GeoInfrastructure Association and a member of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation.

Tomáš Slavkovský

#Marketing #Business #3D

Tomáš is marketing expert has experine from startup manufacturing 3D, in Business development department where he was responsible for the company´s strategy and currently is working in Windy and Melown Technologies (another affiliated society of Seznam) where is in charge of Marketing department.


Angelika Dudová

#Business#Marketing #Organizer

Angelika has been in the field of advertising and marketing for 12 years. She worked for several advertising agencies such as Wunderman. Currently, she is focusing on developers and startups support and building IBM startup ecosystem.

Jakub Karas

#Drones #SpaceTech #GNSS

Jakub is expert for unmanned aerial systems (Drones), co-owner and co-founder UpVision company, Vicepresident Czech Unmanned Aerial Alliance, Czech representative of International RPAS Coordination Council in UVS International.

Miloš Lokajíček

#Business #BusinessModels

Milos is business, project and technology advisor, mentor and consultant in startup and implementation projects. He supports Prague Startup Centre and collaboration across diverse disciplines and organizations. His motto is „Fail fast and cheap“.

Nikola Jajcay

#EO #Statistics #Physics #Environment

Nikola is a Data Scientist at SpaceKnow, with expertise in statistical tools and environmental science. Former PhD fellow with the focus on complex systems (Earth’s atmosphere, the human brain), holds PhD in physics.

Jakub Kožíšek

#EO #Statistics #DeepLearning #OpenSource

Data Scientist at SpaceKnow with expertise in statistics, time series and economic modelling and hands on experience with deep learning. Open-source software enthusiast.

Matěj Laitl

#EO #OpenSource

Matěj is Backend Team Leader at SpaceKnow, software engineering enthusiast with strong background in open-source software.


Petr Mandík

#Business #BusinessModels #Marketing

Petr is specialist for startups, helping them to find out who their ideal customers really are and how to build the whole startup around them. He likes to work with data and proven facts. He is a mentor at Google Launchpad, Czech Invest and ESA BIC.

Marek Aldorf

#Business#BusinessModels #Organizer

Marek works as ESA BIC Prague Programme Manager at the CzechInvest. His aim is to look for entrepreneurs and young start-ups with innovative ideas for exploiting space technologies and help them to develop their non-space businesses on Earth.

Kristina Svobodová

#Marketing #Organizer

Kristina works as marketing manager at ESA BIC Prague and has about 10 years of experience in international marketing & PR. She is crazy for geeky ideas and she is helping – marketingwise – the 10 companies growing under ESA BIC Prague‘s wing.

Michal Kuneš

#Business#CubeSats #Organizer

Michal has been involved in the space industry for more than 6 years. Currently, he works as a project manager at the European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Centre Prague (ESA BIC Prague) at CzechInvest.

Pavel Bartoš

#Business#BusinessModels #Marketing

Pavel is a startup expert, helping startups to find out who their ideal customers really are and how to build the whole startup around them. He is a co-founder of Happyend., startup agency, and he cooperates with various incubators, accelerators and startup programs such as Google Launchpad, European Space Agency Business Incubator or CzechInvest. He likes to work with data and proven facts rather than assumptions and thoughts.

William Carbone

#Blockchain #Business

William leads Cognitive Solutions for IBM in CEE. William is among the most exceptional IBMers appointed with the rare distinction of IBM Academy of Technology member. Top 100 technical leaders providing the direction of IBM with innovation that matters. William is also the Chairman of the Technical Experts Council for Slovakia and Czech Republic, focusing on innovation, patenting, research and state-of-the-art technologies and fostering the technical eminence of young talents/experts in the region.

Jana Šmotková

#Business #Organizer

Jana works as Head of Project Department at CzechInvest Agency while being responsible for space/earth observation related projects and SME’s support projects. At ESA BIC Prague she focuses on start-up scouting and technological competition and other knowledge & innovation events like hackathons, data trainings etc.

Pavol Dobiáš

#Blockchain #Spring Framework #Hibernate #Jackson #Jersey #JPA #SOA/REST

Full-stack software engineer, years of experience developing all type of custom made software using languages like Java ver. 6-8 (J2EE, JEE) and technologies like Spring Framework, Hibernate, Jackson, Jersey, JPA, SOA/REST. I’m focused in IBM Blockchain. We’re organizing several meetup’s , hackathon’s and sharing there possibilities with this modern technology. I’m very excited and I can see very bright future for product IBM Blochckain. I’m involved to several Blockchain initiatives and I’m participating on solutions based on IBM Blockchain. 

Daniel Štefl

#Blockchain #EO #AI

Daniel is a software engineer specialised in AI, data science and blockchain. He holds P.hD. degree in electronics and informatics. Prior to co-founding SSF | Space Systems Czech, Daniel worked at the European Space Agency. Currently, he participates in an asteroid prospecting mission and a blockchain platform for global marine logistics.

Vladimír Dániel

Dániel is a space engineer of the CubeSat satellites and other technology with the use in space. He has been involved in research and development of many space devices and mechanisms. Dániel is a leader on the project of the first Czech technological nanosatellite VZLUSAT-1. 

Tomáš Ridoško

Space has always been a big passion of Tom so when the Czech Republic entered ESA, he grabbed the opportunity and got his dream job with SAB Aerospace in Brno. He works as a structural analyst and the company instructor. In cooperation with JCMM he supported several space related student works. Working with young people is Tom’s hobby – just as good films, books and games.