Have you ever thought of working in the space area? Are you wondering about the secrets of the night sky but not sure how to approach it?

Join us for an informal evening with the women who have found their way to the stars and let them inspire you by their stories from the field of science, psychology or law.


when and where?


    19:00 – 22:00


             Salvátorská 8, Praha 1

What to expect?

Listen to the extraordinary stories discussed with the female stars of the space sector. Ask questions, discuss, network. Find out what ways there might be for you to become part of the field that you are passionate about.


Because who said that girls are not into information technologies? We’ll prove that to be wrong!!!



Our space women

Jennifer Ngo-Anh

Team Leader in Human and Robotic exploration, ESA

Thu Jennifer Ngo-Anh is the Team Leader of the European Space Agency’s SciSpacE (Science in the Space Environment) team. As such she coordinates human research, biology and physical sciences experiments studying the effects of microgravity and the space environment on various systems, using various ground-based as well as the International Space Station. Thu Jennifer Ngo-Anh studied human medicine in Tübingen, Germany and obtained her PhD in neurosciences at the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Oregon and joined the Agency in 2006.

Marie Menard

Communication officer, European GNSS Agency


Ivana Kolmašová

Research Scientist, Czech Academy of Science

Ivana Kolmasova is a research scientist at the Department of Space Physics at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics and at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the Charles University. She is active in the physics of plasmas and in ground-based and spacecraft data analysis and interpretation with a focus on plasma waves and related processes.

Recent research topics include waves generated by lightning discharges and wave emissions in the Earth’s and Jovian magnetospheres. She is also active in spacecraft engineering.

Ivana Kolmasova contributed to the development of satellite instruments for MAGION 2, MAGION 3, MAGION 4 and MAGION 5 spacecraft, and of the Intercosmos 24 and 25 spacecraft. Now she serves as a technical manager of the IME-HF analyzer for the CNES TARANIS  mission, as a planetary protection and product assurance person of the RPWI instrument for the ESA JUICE  mission, as a product assurance person of  the TDS instrument for the ESA Solar Orbiter  mission, and as a technical manager of a wave analyzer module for the ExoMars2020 surface platform.

Michaela Musilová

Director for HI-SEAS missions, International MoonBase Alliance



18:45 – 19:00  Registration

19:00 – 19:15   Opening

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20:45 – 22:00   Networking